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Letter from Rep. Lance Russell to prospective legislators

November 3, 2012

If you’re a member of the GOP in South Dakota, you owe it to yourself to read this letter from District 30 State Representative Lance Russell (R).

Apparently there is an active, ongoing campaign by some CURRENT MEMBERS of the legislature to exclude duly elected GOP office-holders such as Rep. Lance Russell from membership in the GOP caucus during the upcoming 2013 legislative session in Pierre .

Here is an excerpt from that letter:
“Not only are calls are being made to survey potential exclusion or inclusion of Legislators to certain meetings, but regular communications and notices are not being sent to certain Legislators as well.”

“I have been completely excluded from receiving any e-mails sent among Republican members, including the one that apparently announced the date of caucus elections for the 2013-14 sessions.”

Is THIS what the GOP leadership in Pierre means when they talk about having a “big-tent” party ?

Apparently they welcome a “Republican” party where Pro-Abortion, Anti-gun, and Pro-Tax Increase members are welcomed, while social and fiscal conservatives are marginalized and excluded from membership.

To simply label this kind of conduct by members of the legislature an “outrage” would be one of biggest understatements ever uttered.

Rest assured that we will contacting Representative Russell to find out which current House members have been conducting this covert campaign to exclude him (and presumably other conservatives as well) from the House GOP caucus in upcoming legislative session.

Until that time, we recommend that you call and/or e-mail Speaker Pro-Tem Rep. Brian Gosch and demand that he put a STOP to these reprehensible phone calls and exclusionary tactics and force the legislators involved in this scheme to publicly apologize for their actions.

By refusing to put a stop to either of these things, Gosch is either tacitly endorsing these despicable actions, or he is showing Republicans across the state that he is UN-FIT to be the future Speaker of the House.

You can find Gosch’s contact information by clicking here.

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